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12/5/2023 A. Francis K. Monkman died peacefully at his home in Bedfordshire, UK, after a short illness.

He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and the world of music.

Hi, everyone

06/04/12 For the last month or so, I've been inputting excerpts from Parsifal (about 40 minutes in total) into the Notion3 scorewriting program -- you can find them here...

It's now nearly six years since the Schlöben double CD was released - thanks to all who've enjoyed it! If you want read about it or hear mp3 clips at the Crocodile website, go here. If you want to mail me about copies of the 2006 all-Bach recording ("CD 3"), or the 2007 double set of works by ten composers, recorded on eleven different Gerhard organs c1730-1820 or indeed mail me on any subject at all, use my first name 'at' the site name. Complete tracks from the latter project are freely available in mp3 format for download, along with other material (mostly organs, live and sampled).

I've devoted another download page to recently-rediscovered recordings of a 1986 performance (with a difference, which I won't go into here) of Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, given with a local orchestra - who played it with huge vivacity - at the Conway Hall, London.

For the page with the Handel Suites of 1720 (including some interesting details from the OE, go here, where you'll also find a link to a number of Scarlatti's Sonatas(br>
08/12/2009 mp3 here of Luigi Rossi's Passacaille, which dates from the late 1640s

14/04/10 a page for those interested in the Altai national game, Shatra ***updated 01/03/11 with rule correction
02/10/10 download the AVCHD video I posted on YouTube, Insects (including red admirals and hornets) flying and feeding

On a note of topicality -

"It will be impossible to admit in the future such manifestations as the appearance of those arbitrary leaders who have overrun the planet." Fiery World III, 51 (1935)

For our consideration -

"You have already seen that thousands of people may perish in a single hurricane. Is it possible that the manifestation of ominous storms does not impel humanity to reflect as to whence comes such imbalance that not only hurricanes and earthquakes, but even floods reach the highest dimensions? It is a fact that millions of people have already perished, but the consciousness continues to grow worse. It would be fair to ask humanity how many tens of millions of victims are required before a change of consciousness is recognized." Fiery World II, 211 (1934)

One of my favorite lines from the Teachings (Community, 29 (1924)) reads: "It has been said that sound will be the first to reach through. Let these fragments be rudimentary, like the first jagged edges of an eolith." Extraordinarily prophetic words - on looking up eolith, it turns out to be a stone age implement, for example a flint axe head. Stone age? Rock music?? Axe??? Guitars were even referred to as "axes" in the late 60s. But sadly, the idea of consciousness-raising through electric music has been made increasingly unfashionable since that blessed decade ended...